Accountancy services in Hendon and London

that do exactly what it says for companies in North West London

We are a firm of proactive accountants working in Hendon, North West London with an enviable 20 year + reputation. We don’t jazz up, over egg or put journalistic spin on the work we do – you don’t need us to. What’s more, we know your time is limited and precious, and that’s why we visit you.

Barry Duggan & Co Chartered Certified accountants and Independent Financial advisors – let us do all the boring financial stuff so you don’t have to.

The truth is what you might find boring, mundane, irritating or worrying we enjoy – it’s what we do. We enjoy accounting, our entire team are immersed in finance, and it’s an area we are true experts in. That means we help customers see through the financial fog and unburden them of part or all of their financial requirements.

Personal tax planning from expert accountants in Hendon, Barry Duggan & Co

An annual tax return is of course a legal requirement for an increasing number of people. With the continual increase in powers given to Her Majesty’s Revenue and Customs (HMRC) combined with its focus on ensuring taxpayers are paying the right amount of tax, getting it wrong can be an unnecessary and costly mistake financially, perhaps worse, a significant drain of time and emotions.

We have state of the art tax software which enables us to:

  • Calculate your tax liabilities
  • Advise you of payments to be made and due dates of payment, or where a refund of tax is due, the amount of the refund due together with any repayment supplements
  • Advise you of record retention
  • If appropriate, where we can see tax savings can be made in the future as a result of completing your tax return, we will guide you in how to make these savings for the future

Fortunately getting it right, on time every time, is something that you get as standard at Barry Duggan & Co. Our approach is remarkably simple, you give us the work and we will take away the pain of dealing with taxes and ensure you pay the minimum legal amount possible. It’s what we have been doing for over 20 years with all types of businesses in North West London. It’s also why Barry Duggan & Co has become the accountants of choice for companies in Hendon.

Barry Duggan & Co aim to provide you with

  • A complete, yet simple straightforward approach that removes the pain of dealing with tax
  • A tailored service giving you what you need, when you need it, without complication
  • You get high quality, right first time, tax return preparation and production
  • Access to our senior tax advisor for friendly support and advice
  • A cost effective way to meet your compliance obligations whilst minimising your tax bill

So that you don’t get . . . . . worried, confused, concerned, burdened, late in filing your accounts or fined!

Almost a million people are fined every year for failing to get their self-assessment tax returns completed on time. Don’t risk it, simply relax and let Barry Duggan & Co take away all the hassle and ease your worries. Our tax return service will make sure your return is completed and filed on time; no matter how complicated you think it might be. Better still, we’ll deal with HMRC on your behalf and make sure you don’t pay a penny more than necessary.

As well-established tax specialists, we also offer comprehensive tax advice on all aspects of personal taxation.

Do you need help with your personal accounts, tax returns, self-assessments or IHT planning?

If you need help with any aspect of your personal accounts, tax returns, self-assessments or inheritance tax planning then we would love to help. You will get a no-nonsense, down to earth approach from a firm of accountants and financial advisors. It’s the combination of these two disciplines which will enable you to get all the important financial information you need from one trusted advisor, not to make informed decisions, and we will take care of all your reporting responsibilities. This includes planning for your future and inheritance tax, which really should be planned away.

Inheritance tax planning from Barry Duggan & Co

Inheritance tax is one of those taxes which can be planned away if you give this tax the right priority, by which we mean addressing the issue now!

Inheritance tax (at present) is 40% of your estate over £325,000, and with annual exemptions frozen until 2015, the number of estates falling into this band are almost certainly going to rise. There are legal, and ethical ways to significantly reduce your tax liability, providing you plan early enough.

We feel confident that we could save your estate and therefore your beneficiaries, thousands of pounds in tax, by planning ahead and taking advantage of the current tax legislation, financial services products, or a mixture of the two.